How To Do Shave Mole Removal Safely and Effectively

Mole can be an irritating thing and the skin outbreak can be really painful at times. In some cases, it has been seen that even the mole removing creams ceases to work and that is the reason why you need to have surgical excision which is generally known as Mole Shaving. Today we will be talking about the popular mole shaving technique so that you can know the details about the same.

What is a shaving mole removal procedure?

If you have any external growth on your skin, like a mole then many a times doctor do the procedure of mole shaving also known as shave excision and it can be used to remove any sort of external outgrowth like the moles, tumors, lesions, and so on with shave mole removal process. The main tool that is used in this thing is a sharp razor. Though a lot of people might feel apprehensive about the same yet you have to understand that it is one of the procedures that is administered by none other than the doctors. Apart from the razor, the doctor might also use the electrode to shave the edges as well so that the scar is not noticeable at all. After the mole is removed, the doctor might detect whether the mole is cancerous in nature or not.

When is the shave mole removal done?

Now that you already know about the various techniques of the mole removal, now you need to know the time when it is required for you to do mole shaving removal. It is a simple procedure that is done when the creams do not work or give allergic reactions. It is a lot less expensive than the full-on surgery and does not need stitches as well which is the reason why many prefer to have their moles removed in this manner.

How is the shaving mole removal done?

Now we will help you to know how exactly the mole removal is performed so that you can have a fair idea beforehand and you will be able to go for it stress-free.

  • The first step is local anesthesia- which will make sure that you do not feel any pain while having the procedure. The doctor will inject a numbing chemical in the skin so that while shaving off the mole you do not feel anything at all. Also, the anesthetic that is used will make the mole grow even outward so that it becomes a lot easier to use.
  • Then a sharp and sterilized razor will be used to cut the mole off with a number of horizontal fine cuts. You will feel that something is pushing against the skin, but you will not be feeling any pain at all.
  • Once the cut has been done, the doctor might make an electrosurgical use with the help of a dermal loop electrode so that the rough edges can be trimmed and the skin can be made smoother. It will make the mole area smooth with the adjacent skin. This is done so that in the healing stage, the scar becomes a lot less noticeable.
  • After all that is done, the doctor might be applying the chemical known as aluminum chloride hexahydrate so that your skin will not bleed any longer.
  • Then a soothing balm or an antibiotic will be cleaned so that the healing can be faster. After that, the spot is covered with a bandage so that it does not get rubbed and start bleeding all over again. It also eliminates the chances of infection as well.

What will happen after the shaving gets completed?

If the doctor can sense something suspicious, then they will send the mole sample to the lab for testing. After the results are out, you will be given the results and nothing needs to be done if the mole is non-malignant by nature. But you need to keep the place dry for at least 24 hours and you will not be allowed to bathe for that time. Also, the doctor will be giving you the instructions to change the dressing and when the bandage needs to be dressed. During the healing time, you have to make sure of the fact that you prevent sunlight from falling on the spot so that the sunburn does not make the spot permanent. It is absolutely normal for you to feel a bit of discomfort or burn in the spot for some days. If you feel the pain, you can even take some painkillers like ibuprofen so that the discomfort can be relieved and healing can take place fast as well. The spot might be red for a few weeks but you will feel the difference within a few minutes. But if you feel the scar is not changing then it is advisable that you call a doctor immediately. The shave mole removal healing time is generally two weeks. Some of the majorly asked questions by the people and the answers

Is shave mole removal safe?

Indifferent to what the myths might have to say, a mole removal shaving procedure is a process that is absolutely safe when done by the proper dermatologist. It is done with sterilized tools and is absolutely painless by nature so you do not have to be apprehensive about the same.

What is the cost of shaving off a mole?

If a dermatologist does the mole removal shave excision, then the cost range is can be from $65 to $130- which depends on the kind of clinic that you are getting it done from. But make sure that you are going for the best option with good reviews so that the procedure can be hassle-free!

What is the difference before and after the shave excision mole is done?

Before the procedure, you will feel that you can externally feel the mole on the skin and it might even be painful. Now after the mole shaving, you will be able to feel that the skin has gone smoother and the pain will be relieved as well. Not only that, but you will also be able to make sure of the fact that you do not feel annoyed with something annoying growing on your face. Also, you do not have to fear any infections if you are careful to keep the spot dry and stay away from the sun during the healing period.