Moles are skin tags and abrasions which are formed either by birth or mature to be visible on the surface after a certain age.

Though they seem to be pretty harmless, the placement of moles at the exposed parts of our body, especially the face or neck can cause embarrassment and loss of confidence in your personality.

But the good news is you can actually remove the moles sitting at home with mole removal at home treatments and services.

The availability of a number of creams and medicines in the market can be used effectively to remove moles from the surface area without any scars or marks.

Trending options to remove moles

New medicines and scientific cures have been developed for the removal of moles from the face and other delicate areas of the body. Some of the prominent ones among them are:

  • Use of laser surgeries is an effective way to reduce the appearance of moles and the best way to do so is to go for Q-switch laser therapy to avail the same effect.
  • The use of the mole removal creams which can be used at home and does not involve a very complicated procedure that can be done at home too.
  • Home remedies for mole removal such as apple cider vinegar and garlic can also be used but the effectiveness is not verified and cannot guarantee results.

Effectiveness of mole removal creams

If you are going for the option of mole removal cream, buy the best ones possible in the market.

They are easy to use and can be applied at home without any professional help. With the use of the creams, you can get rid of the moles without any scars or marks on the face and flaunt a beautiful skin.

But the effectiveness of the cream is questionable and depends upon how deeply the mole is grafted in the skin.

Issues with mole removers

Latest techniques available are:

  • The laser and cryotherapy are the most sought after mole removing technique that people are adopting after the use of the mole removing creams from the market.
  • The laser mole removal therapy utilizes the form of laser beams whose heat removes the moles from the surface of the skin with ease.
  • The method of cryotherapy involves the method of cold compress for mole remover and can be done easily with the help a practiced cosmetic surgeon.
  •  You have to be very careful about the treatment and select one according to your skin size.

Types of removable moles

The kind of moles which are constant in terms of shapes and size and have not changed in any manner for a long time can be considered for removal.

If you notice that your moles are increasing in size you should consider going through tests and screening as they can be cancerous in nature.

Going for facial mole removal without the advice of a dermatologist can be a very dangerous decision because a number of factors are involved with the removal of moles and the decision should be taken after due consideration of every aspect.