Laser Mole Removal Treatment & Cost: A Complete Guide!

Skin related issues and problems are on a rise and keep growing. One of the most common problems that a maximum number of people have is moles.

This is very common and harmless and non-cancerous(in most cases). But still, they might look ugly if they are present on your face or are visible.

Few of these are keratoses, moles, skin abrasions, etc.

What is Laser Mole Removal?

Moles are growth that can appear anywhere on your body part whether face, arms or other parts of your body which is not visible. These can be visible if it is on the face or neck area or arms. These are not harmful and can be found on any part of your body.

Moles can be big or small or can be bigger as well. Mostly, moles appear during childhood, but it is normal that if moles appear during adulthood as well.

It is not at all necessary that moles appear few. These can be found in groups as well just like you might see these moles in a group in any part of your body.

These can also be prominent if there is a single mole.

But there are several new techniques to get rid of this problem.

Though this is not any disease, still there are a lot of many people who wish to get these moles removed by some or the other technique, especially if these moles are on their face.

The face is something which everybody of us would like to keep clean, especially if the moles are too much or big or too much prominent.

The light brown moles are healthy; facial moles are non-cancerous. These can be removed by natural treatment or through mole removal creams that are available in the market.

These creams are dermatologically tested.

But another very safe method is mole removal by laser treatment.

Some of the people have numerous moles in their entire body. People get only facial moles removed through laser.

For the rest of the body, if these moles are small and are not visible, it is not a problem.

Learn How Much Does Mole Removal Cost For Each Technique

Laser Mole Removal Techniques

Now say goodbye to facial moles forever. You can get rid of such moles, whether big or small, through a new technique designed by a dermatologist.

This is called Mole removal by Laser technique. Earlier there used to be laser surgery mole removal. People used to get mole removal surgery done.

But dermatologists now use this new and innovative technique of laser to remove moles.

This is safe and painless as compared to surgeries that were done earlier.

It cannot be said accurately that what the cause of mole appearing on the body. It can be some hormonal disturbance or can be genetic.

Nothing much has been said about moles. But can be seen very commonly on face, neck or other parts of the body.

Laser removal of moles from the face is a very simple step, which is painless. It is an effortless way of getting rid of such unwanted moles.

Let us understand here how this treatment can be effective, step by step:

  • The first step is the checkup planned by your dermatologist for the mole removal by laser. The dermatologist firstly analyses the type of mole through various tests which he/she will ask you to do. It can be in the form of a biopsy or blood test as well.
  • By the test, you will get to know the nature of the mole; whether it is non-cancerous or not. Moles are benign and are non-cancerous.
  • Next step is to numb the facial area or that part of your body which has moles.
  • The area is numbed by giving a local anesthesia.
  • Incisions are put wherever there are moles, or whichever mole has to be removed.
  • Then the mole removal by laser begins
  • It is important to know that the Erbium laser technique is used for mole removal. This is the safest mole removal
  • Rest of the areas which are bare is put under occlusion to keep it safe from the rays of the laser.
  • Laser treatment though it takes hardly 10 minutes for mole removal. But it has to be done so carefully to avoid scarring.
  • However, there can be a small patch of skin discoloration for some time. It might take a few days or months to fade away. But you need not to worry about that laser mole removal scar, as it will fade away in a couple of weeks/months, depending upon the patient to patient. We are sure that your dermatologist will surely give you some ointment or medicine for such scar to fade away. Or it will also fade away with time.

How effective is this procedure?

In some cases, a mole can also reappear after some time. And a second surgery might also be required for some patients. Such cases again depend on the patient to patient.

For such cases, a biopsy is required to know the nature and re-occurrence of moles.

However, it cannot be denied that the fact that laser removal of a mole is the quickest, effective and safest way to get rid of unwanted moles.

Results of removal of moles vary from patient to patient and if they had surgery previously or not.

The genetics, metabolism, diet and physical exercises of the concerned patient influence the outcome of the laser technique applied.

As far as cost is concerned, laser removal of a mole is quite cheap and cost-effective as well.

It requires only one sitting if there is a single small mole to be removed.

The number of sittings and cost for laser treatment of moles depends on the nature of moles.

If the moles are harmful, the cost of the laser treatment might differ a bit, as will require some intense laser treatment and some settings.

The usual cost ranges from $50-$80 on the type of mole and treatment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mole Removal Treatment


  • It cannot be denied that mole removal by laser is the easiest way to discard of the unwanted moles on any part of your body.
  • At the same time, it is cost effective as well.
  • Laser removal of moles is a painless treatment which involves hardly few minutes.
  • It is less time-consuming than other treatments.
  • Laser mole removal technique is the safest procedure.
  • It is cheap and can be afforded by anybody.
  • There is a very minimal chance of pigmentation on the skin, which will eventually fade away with time.

Above all, if you are in good hands of your dermatologists, then this will surely be a cost-effective treatment for you.


  • The major drawback of this procedure is that the laser does not reach to the core of mole formation. Moles that are of flat nature can only be treated.
  • The laser also does not penetrate deep into the skin. Thus there are chances of moles erupting back. This is one of the major drawbacks of a laser technique.
  • Laser removal of mole is at times dangerous as you cannot go for a biopsy. The mole gets destroyed due to mole which cannot be tested if its cancerous or not.

Laser Mole Removal Side Effects

It should be noticed that there are hardly any side effects of laser removal of moles. This has been said because firstly, there is no scar or burning of skin while the treating it.

Secondly, there is just a small incision put by the laser, which leaves no scar on your skin.

The only precaution you need to take is that you need to keep that portion away from dust, dirt, and sunlight for some time.

However, the case might vary from people to people. In some cases, the scar does not fade away. It can also happen that moles can reappear within some time.

You need to get the test done in such cases. Which will tell you about the nature of mole?

Other than this, there no major side effect of laser removal of a mole.

Other Methods of Removal of Mole

There are various methods for mole removal other than laser treatment. These treatments include natural treatments by using creams, surgical method if mole comes out to be harmful or cancerous.

Normally most of the people prefer and choose methods that are natural to get rid of moles if these moles are benign.

Also, these natural treatments are far easier and cheaper and are cost effective if you cannot afford the laser treatment for mole removal.

Such natural methods also have minimal or no side effect on your skin.

Who should stay away from this removal treatment?

People, who have very sensitive skin or have freckles, should avoid getting a laser treatment for mole removal.

Rather, should opt for natural methods to remove the mole. Also, these natural remedies are different from those chemical techniques which can at some point harm your skin.

  • Apple cider vinegar is one such home remedy that is very effective in removing moles naturally. Its application is very simple. All you need to do is to dip a cotton swab in vinegar; then place it on your mole for a couple of hours. Vinegar’s acidity will help reduce the color of the mole and gradually the mole will shed off.
  • Another very simple home remedy for mole removal is – Crush and make a paste out of garlic cloves. Apply this paste on the mole and let it remain overnight. Follow this regime regularly for few weeks. You will surely find the difference.
  • Another very easy method is dipping a cotton swab in lemon juice. Place it on the mole. Leave it for minutes and let it Repeat the procedure twice or thrice a day, and the mole shall become light in color and will shed off.

Mole removal creams are an affordable and natural way to get rid of moles completely.

Other than the methods mentioned above, the mole removal creams are easily obtainable in the market with the chemist from various brands are safe to use, to get rid of these moles.

These methods are easy and at the same time cost-effective. Creams are safe to use and may be applied easily to the affected part; whether face, arms, or any other part of your body where there are moles.

The rate of success of using such creams is greater than various other common mole removal techniques. At the same time, there are no side effects of using such creams.

You may also apply these creams and then close the mole with a bandage so that the cream remains onto your skin for a longer period, and is effective.

Repeating this method for a week regularly will surely inflame the mole, and it will gradually shed.

Laser Mole Removal Cost

Though the whole procedure is quite affordable, there are only facial moles to be removed.

But it can sometimes be a bit costly if you are getting all moles of your body removed by laser. Sometimes the mole removal cost of the treatment also depends on your cosmetic surgeon.

Many times the cost might depend on the size of the mole as well. However, the cost can also depend on the laser technique to be used; i.e., whether it is a laser treatment or surgery for mole removal.

Deeper and bigger moles surely require more time and number of sittings as compared with smaller moles. If your mole is small in size, it might require a couple of sittings or maybe even one.

The cost depends on the number of sittings you take.

It is less expensive to treat the underarms moles when compared to facial moles. Scars may appear when removing moles through various techniques; therefore, aftercare services may be suggested for treating scars.

Cosmetic surgery is the primary reason for facial mole removal treatment being an expensive affair.

Laser Mole Removal Healing Time

The entire mole removal hardly takes any healing time if the mole’s area or the mole itself is small.

However, you can only find a small cut or incision mark or inflammation or discoloration of skin after the mole removal by laser.

It can take a couple of days to fade away or at the maximum a couple of weeks. Rest depends on patient to patient.

But to be on the safer side, you must take care of your face or the part of the body where the surgery has been performed.

Consult your cosmetic surgeon for this once your treatment is done. You must cover the portion where the surgery has been done and must try to keep it away from dust and sunlight.