Moles are really embarrassing marks and spot your face and body, which, though not harmful, can affect your personality and confidence. It is not easy to get rid of the moles if you are not aware of the right ways to do so. They cannot be just removed with the application of medicines in a random manner like you try to get rid of acne spots or blemishes. Moles are rooted much deeper in your skin and skin mole removal requires some elaborate procedures for a desirable result. There are various trending treatments and facilities available to remove moles from faces and bodies which you can avail yourself easily.

Factors to consider

The decision to remove a mole should not be taken in a hurry without proper considerations. Some of the factors which you need to consider for the decision are:

  • Check if the mole has changed in shape, size, or color in recent years. If there is a variation of any kind over the years then immediately consult a dermatologist as it may have to potential to turn cancerous.
  • Consider your skin type, shade, and the area of the mole. If it is on a very delicate region such as around the eyes or lips, you need to be especially careful with the removal.
  • It is best not to try mole removal at home without consultation from an expert technician.

Treatments available for you

There is an ample number of treatments and surgeries which you can avail for the same. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Car Boxy Laser Therapy: It removes the moles from the surface layer and is especially effective for light and shallow-rooted moles on the surface of the skin.
  • Q-Switch Laser Therapy: It involves the use of minimally abrasive techniques for mole removal moles from the skin which has deeper roots.
  • Cryo Therapy: it involves the technique of cold compress to remove moles that are grafted deep in the dermal layer, effectively without leaving any scars or marks.

Alternative techniques available

One of the most sought after and easy to avail treatment for mole removal is the use of creams. You can remove the moles from the delicate areas around the eyes and lips effectively with the application of mole removal cream that works effectively to provide you with the same results as surgeries do, and that to without any pain or scars. They are effective in not only the removal of moles but can also give your complexion a bright and soft feeling without leaving any marks or stains like in the surgeries.

Remedies at home

You can avail a few time-tested homemade remedies that can effectively remove moles from the face or any other part of the body. The application of iodine or castor oil for a prolonged period can remove the mole and make it vanish. Apple cider vinegar is an effective mole remover that can be used to treat moles and blemishes. But the effectiveness of the remedies is not verified and may vary from person to person depending upon the skin type and condition of the mole.